Why is Regulator a multi-effect diet?

TROVET Regulator differs from the most other hypoallergenic diets that it does not focus on a certain protein as allergy source, but on allergy as the disease itself. The proteins in the food are broken into smaller pieces through hydrolysis. These smaller proteins are not recognised by the immune system of the animal as a xenobiotic substance, and will less likely contribute to the development of an allergy. TROVET Regulator contains, next to this, high values of omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids have an anti-inflammatory effect and can therefore be used by a lot of diseases.

This diet can be used with the following indications:
• Food allergy
• Food intolerance
• Inflammation
• Skin diseases
• Heart problems
• Cachexia
• Colitis
• Cancer
• Gastro-intestinal problems
• Atopy

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