Why does my puppy have to get puppy food?

Puppies and young dogs are actively growing. This causes them to have different nutritional needs than adult dogs. To meet a puppy's nutritional requirements it is important to give a puppy special food. Especially puppies of larger breeds are vulnerable when growing. Wrong nutrition can cause skeleton malformations.

For larger breed puppies it is important that they get enough food, with a limited energy source, limited calcium and an optimal calcium/phosphorous-ratio. This prevents problems with the development of the skeleton and gastro-intestinal system.

When you would like to feed TROVET, you are feeding a high quality food, with nutrients in optimal proportions for the growth of your puppy to adulthood. TROVET Puppy is suited for puppies until 9 to 18 (giant breeds) months of age.

TROVET Puppy is a maintenance food, but is nevertheless exclusively available at the veterinarian. This way it is possible for the veterinarian to monitor the development, growth and food intake of your puppy. For adult dogs there is TROVET Adult.

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