Why do I choose for TROVET Guinea Pig instead of food from the supermarket/pet store?

TROVET Guinea Pig is formulated to focus on the most prominent health problems caused by food. Guinea pigs have the habit of first eating the tasty bits out of mixed food. Because of this they do not always get all the necessary nutrients. By using one type of kibble, the guinea pigs will ingest an even amount of nutrients, preventing nutritional shortcomings.

TROVET Guinea Pig contributes to natural dental wear, because of the kibbles' tough structure. This also helps to prevent sharp edges on molars to a certain level.

When developing TROVET Guinea Pig, the possible development of kidney problems was also taken into account. The lower phosphorus content prevents deposits of calcium phosphate in the kidneys.

The relatively high fiber content in the food stimulates the intestine, creates a feeling of fullness, drives out swallowed hairs and prevents diarrhoea to some extent.

Keep in mind that the most important food source for your guinea pig is hay. Fresh hay and clean water should be available at any time.

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