What can I offer my dog after an elimination period with TROVET Unique Protein?

When the ingredient causing the hypersensitivity reaction is excluded, you can choose to change to a complete wet or dry hypoallergenic variant (TROVET Hypoallergenic Lamb, Rabbit, Horse, Venison, Quail, Turkey). Another option is to continue the Unique Protein diet and complete it with a carbohydrate source and a vitamin and mineral supplement (TROVET Balance).

When the hypersensitivity reaction is caused by animal protein, TROVET Exclusion could be an option. In this food contains for animal product. The carbohydrate sources used are; corn, rice, and potato. Hydrolysed soy protein is the main protein source. When reaction to rice is suspected, you can switch to a hypoallergenic diet with potato. The following hypoallergenic products contain potato as a carbohydrate source: Hypoallergenic (Venison), Intestinal, Hypoallergenic (Horse), Hypoallergenic (Turkey), and Hypoallergenic (Quail).

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