TROVET has a wide range of hypoallergenic products for dogs. What is your advice for using this?

Food hypersensitivity can have multiple causes, such as protein and carbohydrate sources (wheat gluten intolerance), feed mite, preservatives, etc. Food hypersensitivity can be present in more extreme or lesser degrees. Every animal reacts different to a specific food.

TROVET has a wide range of products to meet these different needs. This increases the chance that there will be an appropriate food for the individual patient.

The diagnosis of food hypersensitivity will be done by your veterinarian with the help of a so called elimination diet. For 6 to 8 weeks your dog has to eat a special composed diet. This diet consists of one main protein source and one carbohydrate source. When during this period the allergic reaction of your dog reduces, your dog was hypersensitive to a specific ingredient in the previous food.

For these cases TROVET has developed a special PURE MEAT range with unique protein sources, called TROVET Unique Protein. These products consist solely of meat and are guaranteed free of additives such as scent, colour, or taste enhancers. Unique Protein is not a complete food.

The choice of the protein source (lamb, rabbit, turkey, venison, horse or quail) will be made in consultation with your veterinarian.

When the ingredient causing the hypersensitivity reaction is excluded, you can choose to change to a complete wet or dry hypoallergenic variant (TROVET Hypoallergenic Lamb, Rabbit, Horse, Venison, Quail, Turkey). Another option is to continue the Unique Protein diet and complete it with a carbohydrate source and a vitamin and mineral supplement (TROVET Balance).

When animal protein is the cause of a hypersensitivity reaction, TROVET Exclusion could be an option. In this food contains for animal product. The carbohydrate sources used are; corn, rice, and potato. Hydrolysed soy protein is the main protein source. When reaction to rice is suspected, you can switch to a hypoallergenic diet with potato. The following hypoallergenic products contain potato as a carbohydrate source: Hypoallergenic (Venison), Intestinal, Hypoallergenic (Horse), Hypoallergenic (Turkey), and Hypoallergenic (Quail).

When it seems that environmental factors (mites, fleas, grass pollen, etc) are the cause of your dog's allergic reaction (also called atopy) you can choose for TROVET Regulator. This diet contains high levels of omega 3 fatty acids, which have an anti-inflammatory effect. Next to the anti-inflammatory effect, the omega 3 fatty acids are involved in keeping the skin and coat healthy. In a lot of cases when this diet is fed, the daily dose of prednisolone can be decreased. Always consult your veterinarian before you decrease the dose of such a medicine.

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