Unique Protein Treats

Unique Protein Treats



The TROVET assortment is expanded with Unique Protein Treat (Duck) | UDT mini. This treat for adult dogs, based on one unique protein source, has been available in a larger size since 2013. This mini version  is particularly suitable to be used during dog training or for rewarding small dogs.





Unique Protein Treat (Duck) | UDT
The current product will continue to be available, but will get a new packaging, around week 34. The packaging has been fitted with a view window for a better presentation of the product. Based on recent analysis, the listed protein value had to be adjusted from 54% to 52%, causing the water content to change from 24% to 26%.

Unique Protein Treat (Rabbit) | URT
The Unique Protein Treat (Rabbit) will also get a new packaging around week 34.  Unfortunately, during the production, the dark blue areas of the packaging are printed in light blue. To continue the deliverance of this product, the misprint is accepted. An informative letter will be added to the boxes containing the packages, to prevent confusion.

By the end of 2016 the Unique Protein Treat (Rabbit) packages with the original dark blue colour will be distributed.

The listed protein, fat and anorganic matter of this treat have been adjusted from 55%, 5% and 5.5% to 53%, 8% and 4%, respectively. The rabbit meat consistently turned out to be more fat.

Unique Protein Treat (Chicken) | UCT
A new packaging of the Unique Protein Treat (Chicken) will be introduced to the market in the beginning of 2017. The listed nutrient values of this product remain unchanged.