TROVET Hypoallergenic Treats

TROVET Hypoallergenic Treats


TROVET introduces six new hypoallergenic treats for dogs:

- Hypoallergenic Treat (Duck) | HDT neck – 100% duck (200g packaging)
- Hypoallergenic Treat (Horse) | HHT tendon – 100% horse (200g packaging)
- Hypoallergenic Treat (Horse) | HHT mini – 100% horse (125g packaging)
- Hypoallergenic Treat (Rabbit) | HRT ear – 100% rabbit (100g packaging)
- Hypoallergenic Treat (Venison) | HVT tendon – 100% venison (200g packaging)
- Hypoallergenic Treat (Venison) | HVT – 100% venison (250g packaging)

People need variety in their food to meet their nutritional needs. For dogs or cats variation is not essential, in addition to a complete dietary food. Still, owners often think it is pleasant when their pet can vary in food and are able to receive a reward. Properties of these rewards, however, do not normally match the prescribed dietary foods. This can lead to an incorrect diagnosis or will be at the expense of the effect of the current diet. Experience shows that owners find it difficult to give no treats at all.

To assist pet owners in the prescribed therapy, TROVET has several rewards, also known as 'treats'. A wide range allows the possibility to provide a treat for virtually every disorder in dogs or cats.

The six newest TROVET treats consist of dried, 100% animal products, without additives. Hypoallergenic Treats are ideal for dogs with a (possible) food allergy, next to an elimination or hypoallergenic diet, based on the same source of protein.

HDT neck, HHT tendon, HRT ear and HVT tendon can also be used for the prevention and reduction of dental plaque.

For the whole treats range, see the TROVET Treats indicator.