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Treats for every dog or cat

TROVET has a very wide range of snacks, also called treats. Most treats are suitable for both healthy and for dogs and cats with special nutritional needs. The TROVET Treats are in different, playful shapes and are a more than adequate reward during training, after a nice walk or as a snack.

The special feature of the TROVET Treats is that the treats, in addition to the excellent palatability, they are formulated so that they fit in well with various dietary foods. Giving 'ordinary' treats to dogs or cats that are on a special dietary food, may adversely affect the efficacy of the special food. Therefore, consciously choose TROVET Treats that fit the situation of your dog or cat. Always ask your vet for further information and advice. TROVET Treats are available exclusively through the veterinarian.

Healthy enjoying

Almost every dog and cat is susceptible to getting a reward. Besides the attention in the form of an extra hug or pat your pet is undoubtedly in for a tasty snack. In that sense, dogs and cats are very alike to humans. Nothing better than, when you for example take a biscuit with your coffee or tea, to reward your dog or cat with a delicious treat. In addition, the treats are a strong motivator for your dog or cat. This way you can make good use of it during training or upbringing. You can reward your dog for good behavior, for example.

However, most snacks are rich in fats, salts and energy, allowing your dog or cat to get too heavy because of these extras on top of his normal diet. Your veterinarian recommends, for this reason, to reward your dog or cat with responsibly formulated treats. With TROVET treats you pamper your pet in a healthy, responsible way. TROVET Treats are available in various variants and seamlessly provide the needs of your pet. Especially when your pet has special dietary needs.