Hypoallergenic (Lamb) | LRD dry food

Hypoallergenic (Lamb) | LRD dry food


There is an increasing demand for dietary food that can be prescribed for cats with both food hypersensitivity and recurrent struvite formation. To meet this demand, a urine acidifying substance will be added to the current TROVET Hypoallergenic (Lamb) | LRD dry food for cats. A lower urine pH helps to reduce struvite formation.

This adjustment results in the follow contraindications for the dry food:

-          cats in the growth phase
-          pregnant or lactating cats
-          cats that currently receive a full dose of urinary acidifiers
-          cats with uroliths not composed of struvite

The current indications and contraindication for Hypoallergenic (Lamb) wet food for cats will stay the same.

The start of the distribution of the adjusted product (in 500 gram and 3 kg packaging) is expected to be in the end of August. You will be able to recognise the adjusted product by the pictogram ‘pH control’, which will be displayed on the packaging.